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Friday, January 7, 2011

The ultimate change wallahs !!

Knock thIS Chip Off ur shoULdER

Hungry to learn across the world-- a real story

by Arjun.R.Shankar

This story is about a 17 year old boy named Babar Ali who had pledged in his life that the toughest conditions that he faces in his life will be the inspiration and fuel for him to march ahead in his life despite all odds to finally transform lives with his limited capabilities and knowledge.

The thing we should be considering should not be the ultimate impact but the spirit in him to undertake a task that is often branded as hectic and impossible. This boy has made the impossible possible with his sheer hard work and dedication.

He is feted as the youngest headmaster in the world by BBC in October 2009. He is a normal student like others in the morning and in the evening a sudden transformation occurs and he evolves himself as a teacher to over a 977 students who are mainly from the underprivileged backgrounds who can’t even afford a single meal a day.

He passes the information and knowledge gathered by his sheer hard work to the people and students who take the pain to at least come there to receive that package of new information and knowledge. For them it’s a colourful and a breathtaking experience. At some time he teaches them about discipline and its importance and teaches them to read and write. It’s a grand testimony of people’s enthusiasm and breaks the notion and establishes the fact that information and knowledge lures people irrespective of the social background.

He undergoes a massive transformation from a student to a serious headmaster for which the catalyst would be none other than determination, conviction and the vision in life that change in a system and a society can be triggered by a judicious mix of single heart& mind.

He has been running the school at Bhabta Uttar Para in West Bengal for the past five years. What actually started as a children’s play with his cousins, sisters and relatives, where Babar Ali acted as a teacher has now matured into a large school with over 977 students imparting free education till class VIII.

In a dingy 10 by 12 ft room that Ali shares with three siblings and parents, his day starts at 6 a.m. and he continues his studies till late afternoon. A radio on the bookshelf is his window to the world. "I read newspapers regularly, but I am also an avid radio listener. Prime time news helps keep me updated." Ali cleared the higher secondary examination from Beldanga Cassimbazar Raj Govida Sundari Vidyapith with 72 per cent marks and enrolled in English Honours at the Krishnanath College at Berhampur.

India is in the process of a social change and it is the youths like Babar Ali who are trying to bring this change. It is people like him who are trying their bits and they have kept alive the hopes of numerous people in India whose lives are not rosy but every night they sleep in the hope that tomorrow will bring something good.

Babar Ali gives me hope that there is a India that is fighting and beating the odds despite all that is wrong with our system. It gives me hope that there are people that will lead us to real freedom from the darkness that we live in today. It gives me hope that one day millions of such Indians will be empowered through education to take charge of their own destiny. I salute every Babar Ali that pushes India forward every single day.

"He has set a perfect example of how one should utilise time in a productive manner. Each of us can contribute something to society like he does."
Parwez Ahmed Siddiqui, DM, Murshidabad.

The story of this young man from Murshidabad in West Bengal is a remarkable tale of the desire to learn amid the direst poverty.

LET THIS STORY INSPIRE ALL OF US because I believe that every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you will land among the stars.”


  1. Good Job Buddy!! :)

  2. Hats off for bringing out this story....Highly inspirational....

  3. May I pray for him from bottom of my heart.."Education is the invisible tool of light for the prosperity of any nation." Now regarding the efforts of my brothers I am glad to be your welwisher and wish you all the sucess of change of light in your's and the others around you. I also like to critisise the writer saying that it would have been better if has put the last sentense upside down like"Shoot for the STARS. Even if you miss you will land up in MOON". thank you for this opportunity ans remembering me.

  4. @Anonymous : thnx4 d support..
    "Shoot for the STARS. Even if you miss you will land up in MOON"-- i agree...

  5. sorry brothers that Anonynous is me ur Senior Vithul (pazhamthuni)

  6. @vidhul: my god its u our PAZHAMTHUNI al d way ffrm ESSEX.....really glad2 cu here. n welcome2 our blog.

  7. Good job yaar........i am impressed !

  8. Thats excellent, India need this type of people not like Sanjay Gandhi