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Sunday, January 16, 2011

The ‘green’ in EVERGREEN is still ‘GREEN’

Homage to the FINEst actor of this universe

By: Arjun.R.Shankar

Years have passed and lots of technological advancements have taken place and new and complicated vistas and avenue of film-making has been found out and the film culture has evolved over the years. The film field is now a grand platform. Now it has taken epic proportions and now in the film arena there are various components that are much above the acting part making it an attractive and luring field with lots of money and wealth. Glamour, technology, big-budgeted dance sequence, diehard fan following are all inevitable part of today’s film field. But still above all these post modern applications and touches we can still say that the ‘green’ in EVERGREEN is still ‘GREEN’

16th January 1989 was a sad and emotional day for the Malayalam Film fraternity, common people of Kerala and other film lovers of this country as the great legend and the versatile maestro of Malayalam cinema, Abdul Khader affectionately to known to all as PREM NAZIR departed from this world’s bondage. He is considered as one of the all time popular actors in Malayalam cinema. He is referred to as the Nithya Haritha Nayakan (Ever Green Hero) of Malayalam cinema.

In present scenario when a SUPER STAR means a rare species with exotic characteristics and privileges with huge fan following has often become the epitome of arrogance and extravaganza. But we are talking about Mr. Prem Nazir who was a superstar over four decades and was widely revered for his simplicity, humility and magnanimity. He always stood above the mantle of Superstardom to address the greater causes of humanity and filmmaking through sheer determination and conviction.

He was in the limelight as well as in the hearts of millions of people. As a human being he was always socially committed and that was unlike the present superstars who do all possible gimmicks to get PhDs, publicity and other accolades. He was not like present superstars who chased away their fans and became arrogant to others off screen. His commitments were very natural and were from the core of his heart. Many directors of yesteryears have recalled that they have not met an actor like Prem Nazir who was a naturally flavoured actor.

The directors, actors and especially producers who had worked closely with him still recall his multifaceted potential and flexibility throughout ventures spanning more than four decades “He is the epitome of humility and flexibility says Lenin Rajendran one of the prominent film directors of India.

He was an actor who was always concerned about the real art of film making and worked hard to encourage and refine the real motive of film making. There are many instances in film history as he had to do many films free of cost owing to financial crunch of producers which many stars today can’t even of think of. They were situations when whole project was going to sink due to paucity of funds and many other technical reasons. The project would have soon become a sinking ship and Prem Nazir as the captain of the ship amidst all the odds steered the dilapidated capsizing ship and gave unbelievable hits to the film industry. Punctuality was his catchphrase and he always abided that. He reaches the set before the crew Boys and inspects the set and conceives his character and welcomes other members and co stars.

“He was a great source which sustained innumerable families in Madras in those days. All their livelihoods depended on Nazir sir and he always gave relief to them without blowing the trumpet of Philanthropy. He was a silent and a secret philanthropist.” ---Kaviyoor Ponnamma, senior cine artist.

Nazir holds four Guinness records; for playing the lead role in over 700 films, for playing opposite the same heroine in 107 films with Sheela. For acting in lead roles in all thirty nine films which were released in a single year 1979 and for acting opposite eighty heroines. All these are unbeatable achievements which no other star in this universe has achieved. Just imagine acting in 700 movies as main hero. It’s unbelievable.

The larger question which we are posing “Is the present generation really appreciating the genius of Prem Nazir in this 21st century technology driven film space”?

Talks with many people mostly youth has revealed to this writer that the present generation regards him and accuses him of overacting with irreverence and profanation which we say is highly distressing and devitalizing. Many of them assume today’s technology as constant and compare the acting of 60’s and 70’s which is improper. There were numerous limitations in technology and over the years the culture has undergone a massive evolution. This massive transformation should actually learn to appreciate the olden days and people.

Govt. has instituted an award in his memory. But I strongly feel that there should be more attempts in similar fashion to spread the vision and acting marvel of many people like Prem Nazir. The govt. and the various films related organizations should stop their wrangling and should initiate film festivals at prominent places to screen such actor’s movies.

Prem Nazir is a legend and will be. He was a real gem of a man.

Team AKHSHAYAPATHRA is remembering this great legend and this write up is our humble homage to this great versatile maestro.

If ever there is a list formulated to shortlist a new category of “MORTAL WONDERS OF THE WORLD” (which can come in the future) like the wonders of the world. Prem Nazir will be one of the best choices from the Entertainment field.

“You still remain in millions of hearts.”

“By the common consent of all nations and all the ages the most valuable thing in this world is the homage of men who are really deserving”.


  1. nice article dude.our gen has almost forgotten legends like him.keep up the good work.

  2. premnazir is one of the greatest actors malayalam cinema has ever produced....i am personally a BIG fan of his..:D..nyc piece..:)

  3. Wonderful tribute to a great actor.....U have brought out the human side of this actor who was devoid of any pretentions. I was lucky enough to see this actor at close quarters in my childhood during a wedding, and he was smiling at every other stranger in that hall including me and thus connecting directly with people...

  4. @deepaji: thats really wonderful...
    he is of course a gr8 personality...my grandfather had a good relation wid him..he still admires him...1989 jan 16 was a shocking day for my grnadfather...(including many malayalees) this article is a reminder to all dat der was a ...gr8 actor like him above all a gud human.
    my grandfather used to admire his humility and mode of behaving even with strangers with respect and a flashing smile.. nobody actually fell as a stranger in his company..
    my grandfather recalls that years back when Prem Nazir came to his office(he was then a motor vehicles inspector)and he talked to him very politely and with a charm as if they have years of friendship. then they went for a walk within the premises of the office and from then his admiration for this great actor has doubled. and he still says that he keeps all these qualities of Prem Nazir at the first place before his acting...

  5. i'm not sure abt prem nazeer's acting credentials. but i've heard he was a good human being.
    n u could hav mentioned his unsuccessful foray into electoral politics also, to make the picture complete.
    good try.

  6. @ Lipin : The world record of lead roles in 700 films do not appear to me as having been heaped on a less-deserving person. Pardon me if I'm wrong, but I believe your criticism is unwarranted for. Please understand that this article and the comments that followed are proof that his acting credentials are intact, after all these years. :)

    @ Arjun : Great article. :)

  7. Even the green would say EVERGREEN looking @ him!!!! And there are lot for todays stars to learn from as a Human being..n lover of cenima...will be remembered till death of malayalam film industry which trembles these days!!@ vidhul