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Saturday, August 13, 2011

HUMANITY knows no Defined Boundaries..

The Unparalleled Humanitarian Gesture Transcending Boundaries

By: Arjun.R.Shankar

The backdrop of the whole issue that is now praised entirely in our country is the 1965 Indo-Pak war. Both the countries were meticulously engineering their strategies and were at the heightened stage of intense trepidation and consternation. The war was the focal point of both the countries and the policies dictated as per its craving.

Mr. Qais Hussain was a Pakistani Air Force pilot and was in the line of duty checking his countries boundaries with precision and acting in accordance with the orders of the top brass.
 Very soon the Pak radars detected an Indian presence and that was none other than the Indian Air Force pilot Jahangir ‘Jangoo’ Engineer flying the beech aircraft with the then Gujarat Chief Minister Balwant Rai Mehta and some other civilians. Qais was interrupted by Jangoo Engineer and as per the versions of Qais Hussain, he thought that it was an Indian aircraft on reconnaissance mission and reported the enemy presence immediately to the base to unerringly tackle the situation. The order received from the base was to shoot down the aircraft.

Hussain as a responsible officer of the armed forces was in the line of duty and to accept and execute orders even at the peril of his life was his moral obligation and duty. He perfectly executed the orders and duteously shot down the Indian aircraft despite pleas for mercy by Jangoo Engineer ultimately resulting in the death of Engineer, Balwant Rai Mehta and others on board. As a responsible and dutiful officer he was elated for accomplishing his mission and only after reaching the base camp he realized that the plane had been a civilian aircraft with eight people on board.  

Years have rolled away and in 2011 after 46 years Mr. Qais Hussain has tendered his apologies for the loss and grief he has caused to the families by shooting Jahangir Engineer’s aircraft. The most important and the glaring part of the issue is that the daughter of Mr. Jangoo Engineer, Mrs. Farida Singh has very graciously accepted the apologies and even wrote back to Mr. Hussain.
She said “Most of all, my father would have liked that it goes towards bringing spark of forgiveness between our two peoples, who after all were one”

This is indeed an unparalleled humanitarian gesture transcending boundaries and no wonder it was reported in the Pakistan Dailies as ‘Aman ki Asha’(Hope for peace). One should definitely salute these gestures from the core of our heart as it needs a lot of courage and immense fortitude to undertake such an initiative. 
Jahangir 'JANGOO' Engineer

Mrs. Farida had said “though the incident defined her family’s life, in all the struggles that followed, we never, not for one moment, bore bitterness or hatred for the person who actually pulled the trigger caused my father’s death. The fact that this all happened in the confusion of a tragic war was never lost to us. We are all pawns in this terrible game of war and peace. This incident is indeed a prime example of what damage strife and mindless battles can drive even good men to do”

Ever since the partition of the subcontinent years ago, the British dismantled their Indian Empire, India and Pakistan had been arch rivals. Their animosity has its roots in religion and history and has now escalated into dangerous arms race. 

Now both the countries are vigorously striving to have an uninterrupted and uninterruptible dialogue process. It’s a very true fact that whenever the talk between the two countries gets a momentum, untoward incidents interrupts the whole process. Apart from resolving the contentious issues, ultimately the scope of people to people contacts and relationship should be redefined.

The trust and confidence among the people should get greater and broader dimensions for the overall development of the region.

Let this novel gesture inspire the people of both the lands and let them aspire for peace and amity in their minds and not the seeds of war and destruction. In the future we need cooperation. Continuing hostility will only spark intense conflagrations and nothing else. We need cooperation in all senses to achieve the full potential of the region for the benefit and harmony of both the nations. After all we were all one who were once one bound by the same aspirations and culture and shared the same land.  


  1. An Unbeleivable Story.. i didnt know dat dis was how B Mehta died.
    as it was said, i dont know why we, d indians n paks r having so much rivalry btw each other. 2 brothers born to 1 mother endlessly thirsty of each others blood!!

  2. "This great display of humanitarian mindset of a man who was once in the uniform of a nation that was presumed to be Enemy for years is a wll laid example for generations to come . There is nothing to wonder if the pakistani media have called it "Aman Ki Asha".Farida Hussainis really an ambassador of all Indians who sees their neighbours through the eyes of fraternity and brotherhood and not through the eyes of aversion and hatred...beyond all ..of the humanity which has no borders,Mr Quasi Husaain..You have showed a new path for us to travel ...its not a path of Formal ministerial talks..its a path of unity of emotions of those seperated bya formal line and unseperated feelings..
    @@arjun chetta really a gud work..u hav depicted this nice gesture of humanity which found less place in newspapers..which gave extensive coverage to Hina Rabbani Khar's 'tour"to india..really a gud work..

  3. hi arjun,
    Good one for this independence day....though this news was publishd recently, i did not take much notice of it....thanks for bringing this article to be noticed again.....We all think it is something great when we make hate speeches and nurture hatred towards somebody....Is n't it a fact that we r limiting ourselves so much by hating and fighting???? the strengh to apologize and forgive opens our mind beyond the limits!!!

  4. Dear Arjun, I believe Humans are born before boundary lines....! In deep we are not just Indians , Pakistan'is ,Hindus ,Muslims,Christians, Sikh's ....we are one, and the only !! Religions & Boundaries are narrow minded things.In my view our religion is' Humanity' and we have no boundaries ...
    This very act of QAIS HUSSAIN is truly an unparalleled humanitarian gesture and a prime concern for the future !!
    Lets believe this as the very "AMAN KI ASHA"........
    PS : Congratulations Arjun ,I can feel the warmth of the very subject while reading your work.you have done a great job..keep it up .
    Keep Researching , Keep Reacting & Keep Reaching...!

  5. good one! Perfect message for the Independence day!

  6. Nice work Arjun. Such articles that generate a thirst for peace are really the need of the hour because nowadays we use the term Pakistani as the synonym of "enemy". Do the politicians who are interested in unending peace-talks really want to fix the issue? I think the politicians and terrorists are widening the gap between the two peoples further.

  7. This is a great inspiring article.I am pretty much pleased with your good work.
    Thanks! Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!
    Vande....................... Mataram!
    Overseas Educational Consultant india