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Sunday, October 24, 2010

' go left, turn right & 'GO GREEN'



A major topic of discussion and planning that we come to hear nowadays is “Go Green”. In engineering, academic journals find this as a hot topic under ‘redefining technology’. Even in social networking sites like Facebook, many users join innumerable causes and hardly ever do anything in practical. I agree that it is not possible on everyone’s’ part to actually come out and do something, but still we can promote and encourage those who actually at least give it a try. It is high time that we give some serious thinking into it.

What if you found a piece of a Mother Dairy milk packet you discarded yesterday, shining through on the surface of a designer clutch? Or a fruit juice tetra pack, sown right into your shopping bag? It’s not some fantasy; it might be the work of an organization that believes in selling green goods, ideas and dreams. Recycling trash intelligently to reduce the burden on ecology, and creating employment opportunities for the less privileged artisans might well prove to be more than just a handful. And, going by the quality and popularity of the goods that can be produced, most would agree, that a good job of both will be done.

The goods or waste products like milk sachets, discarded tetra packs, leftover fabric industrial waste like surplus rubber, and trashed jute bags may be used for recycling. At workshops, this garbage can be transformed into colourful bags, fashionable clutches, trendy t-shirts and beautiful jewellery. The use of any fresh raw material may be kept to a bare-minimum. The products may also be manufactured carefully to incorporate the waste material innovatively, so that it adds to the character of the product, instead of being an eyesore. For example, the colorful juice cartons may be used on the façade of your shopping bags, giving it a very kitsch-art look. This innovative bag is sure to grab eyeballs, when you go for your next shopping trip.

There are a few group of people and a few organizations that actually are doing something worth noticing in this field. With the help of even the most unnoticed waste material of our daily usage they come up with something that is sure to create awe among us. The thing is they don’t get the much deserved attention or popularity that is such a necessity for their growth. Furthermore, monetary status is also on the lower side as far as they are concerned.

Several small producers and artisans can send their products to these organizations and they can try to facilitate the marketing and retailing of those goods. For example, a lot of jewellery they’ll sell can actually be made of jute, and it can come from several women-groups of the country. But the Unique Selling Proposition will not just be the fact that these products follow an eco-friendly philosophy. Design and quality should be kept at the core of every product made or sold through the collective. The consumers should be given an opportunity to appreciate the product for its quality and not just for its philosophy. I believe that the environmentalism has to be everybody’s business; it just needs to be simplified and made readily available for everyone.

These organizations should reach out to masses with their products, instead of just being restricted to a niche clientele. Being located right inside a popular hangout and shopping arena, will give their innovative products the much needed attention. Since their target audience are women and youngsters, being in a mall would really work to their advantage.

Major problem that these kind of organizations face is the lack of public interest in buying these eco-friendly goods. These products come for a small premium and the Indian consumer is not really conditioned to dish out that extra amount to buy them. But with increasing awareness about the cause of the environment, one hopes that people would start making responsible choices.

Recycling is one of the most rapidly and successfully evolving procedures of environmental conservation. In fact, it is among the most talked about issue these days and the number of people participating in recycling waste in varied ways is increasing by the day. People have realized the importance to save the environment and thus they are trying their ever best possible move to use the items that are waste for them now in alternative ways. Recyclable products like glass, metal, paper and plastics are thus collected and then transported to the concerned facilities for converting them in finished products of alternative use.

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As much as we are aware of the advantage of recycling we still do not have the overwhelming idea of its huge benefits. And as much as we could help and give we receive the profit and the outcome of our participation. We all must know the result of our effort would be outstanding. So if we protect the environment, the environment will surely protects us.

So .. START RECYCLING!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Fiery !!!!!
    An eye-opening piece, bro.
    Dude, you just forgot our own Calicut Corporation taking effort clean the city collecting bio-waste in collaboration with Kudumbasree. I think that is green enough.

  2. thnx buddy .. It is .. YEAH !! .. Kinda forgot to mention that one .. :(

  3. Good Article Jithin.... Recycling is an effective path to green earth. Another thing I'd like to add is ... "We Indians actually care only about our comfort... others & nature are just scrap!!". I recently visited Kanyakumari.. The authorities had implemented a good venture. Now you can see so many dustbins, along the roadside. The sad thing is, it has changed nothing. People still litter in the road.
    Thanks for a nice and lively Article